Old Friends, Colourful Classics

When the world says that the end of something is the beginning of something else, it also applies to your wardrobe. When attire is old, and you no longer want it, the best thing to do is begin a new journey with it but as something different. Here is how to make your old clothes new without sweating it.

Make a T-shirt Scarf

If you have any old t-shirt lying around, take a pair of scissors and cut it into fine strips. Tie these strips together with a smaller strip and create a knot at the end of the strips. Let the part that is not knotted be on the front. Other than this, you can also make an infinity scarf and add polka dots to it.

Make Bow-Sleeves

Making sleeve bow ties will add a new look to your old shirt and give you the urge to keep wearing it. All you need is to cut off a small piece of the shoulder area. Take hold of the remaining part of the sleeve and pull it to the centre and hold that in place with a small material that was cut out and some washable glue.

Make a Crop Top

This is the easiest way to transform your old t-shirt. All you need is a pair of scissors, and an old t-shirt, leggings, or blouse. Crop tops are rocking the streets, and this is an excellent way to join the trend. It is easy and very fast. When you use leggings, you will get a deep v-neck shape.

Make a Sexy Corset Top

If you have a corset that you no longer wear, all you need to add to it is a piece of lace, and you have a new outfit. Use black lace for elegance. Add lace to the front part so that you can have a bareback, lace corset top.

Reinvent Your Skirt

Take your old skirt and add a peplum to it to give it a whole new look. The peplum can be the same colour or a different colour.

Give Your Jeans a Rugged Look

All you need is a pair of scissors or razor blade. Cut out your pair of jeans around the thighs region going down. You can cut out stars, love shape, rectangles, and so on.

Add Pearls to Your Collar

If you have a dress with a collar or a blouse, you can add pearls to the collar to make it new. Use different colors to create variety and add color.

All these are fun ideas to work with to make good use of old clothes instead of throwing them away which will not be justice.

Have you ever felt like trying to make a new outfit from some of your old friends? You know those pieces that you just loved, that everyone else commented on, that you just couldn’t bear to part with? Even though they are seasons old? This outfit is that type of outfit – a new combination of some old colourful classics that are so comfortable. I would never think to donate them to charity.

Most of the regular readers of my blog would be used to my red lips and nails by now. They are sort of like my trademark. I often think I am going to try a new nail colour but I can never quite bring myself to do it. A new nail colour would mean a new lip colour too because I love to match. However nothing makes my teeth seem whiter than my trusty red lipstick. Quite simple really – then I looked at what I could find within the depths of my wardrobe that was red. Check out the result below.

Since it was pretty chilly in Sydney on the weekend, I’ve actually got two other black jumpers on under my Alexander Wang jumper that you can see below. That’s a great tip for winter by the way – think about layering and the item that you will wear over the top of everything. Often it is best to buy your coat or over-jumper one size larger – so you can fit everything on underneath!

My red Balenciaga leather leggings got another outing because I needed to match my Burberry bag. I was scouting future locations for some upcoming collaboration posts – so I needed my hands free. This shoulder bag helped in that regard.

The only things left to add were a good sturdy pair of sneakers and some sunglasses!

Tips & Tricks: Hand Washing Wool for Winter

Updated 27/11/2017

So you’re cold and you pile on the jumpers and a wool coat. Your coat gets dry cleaned once or twice a winter season because it’s not close enough to your body to need any more. However your wool scarves, jumpers etc etc need more care. If you’re like me you like to find out new tips and tricks for washing things yourself rather than trusting someone else or dry cleaning. Dry cleaning everything can become expensive.

Taking care of your clothes is very important. When it is winter time, the most common type of clothes people wear is made of wool. Wool needs extra care so that it may last longer. To clean your woolen garments, you can go about it in numerous ways. You can machine wash, dry and stretch it or hand wash it. The following is how you wash your woolen garments in winter, just some more fashion tips from the Fashion Blender team!

1. Fill a Bucket With Water

Fill a bucket with a little bit of hot water. Add enough of your chosen wool washing liquid/detergent to this hot water. This will mean that your detergent mixes well through the whole bucket. Fill the rest of the bucket with enough tepid water to cover and allow your wool items to breathe in the bucket. For example, if you are washing a few jumpers, you may need a little bit more water – you may swoosh some of the water out. Previously, it was suggested that you soak your wool pieces in COLD water for several hours before washing to saturate the fibres. This prevented the wool from shrinking. Unless you use EXTREMELY hot water, your wool items should be fine. You shouldn’t really need to do this any more.

Have a look over your pieces. Do you have any stains on the outside? If you do, mix clear alcohol and white vinegar in equal parts and lightly dab the stained area. Remove the excess alcohol and vinegar solution with a dry cloth. For blood, remove the excess blood immediately with a damp sponge, gently dab the area using undiluted white vinegar and rinse the area in cold water.

2. Add The Woolen Garment

Next, turn your wool pieces inside out ready for washing. Make sure you pay particular attention to the areas that are near your armpits, neck holes, cuffs and anywhere else that stains easily. Place your garment in the bucket or bathtub. Dunk it until it is completely soaked in. Swish the garment in the water for one minute. This allows the soap to pass through the fabric and remove dirt present. It mimics the washing machine. You can soak and squeeze wool pieces BUT be careful NOT TO RUB OR WRING the wool items you own. RUBBING will cause pilling and WRINGING will pull your wool out of shape. When you are done with this process, usually this washing will take 5 mins, make sure you support the WHOLE woolen piece when you remove it from the detergent water bucket. Obviously wool items soak up a lot of water and they become heavy. The weight of the water will begin to pull your wool pieces out of shape if you let it.

3. Let The Garment Soak

After swishing the garment in the water, leave it in the water for around ten minutes for the soap to act on the dirt deeply.

4. Remove The Garment

After the ten minutes are up, remove the garment from the water. Roll it from one end to another and squeeze it. This will eliminate the excess water present. Place the garment aside and empty the bucket or the tub. Squeeze the excess water out of your wool pieces and put them in a delicates bag. SPIN them in a washing machine in the delicates bag on a WOOL or HAND WASH spin setting. This final step will get rid of the excess water.

5. Fill The Bucket or Tub With Water

Put clean water in the empty bucket or tub. This water is used to rinse the garment to get rid of the soap accumulated in the fabric.

6. Add The Woolen Garment in The Clean Water

Swish the garment around as you did before in the water. Do this for about a minute so that the water can penetrate the garment and get rid of the extra soap. Roll the garment in a ball like before and squeeze it to eliminate excess water.

Sometimes one wash with clean water is never enough to get the laundry soap out of the fabric completely. If the water is too soapy, repeat the rinse until the rinsing water is soap free and clean. Swish the garment in one or two buckets of clean water then squeeze.

When the final rinse leaves the clean water, then the detergent is washed out completely. Squeeze the excess water out of your wool pieces and put them in a delicates bag. SPIN them in a washing machine in the delicates bag on a WOOL or HAND WASH spin setting. This final step will get rid of the excess water.

7. Drying Your wools

Dry the pieces flat on a towel in the desired shape/size. For example lay the jumper out with the sleeves next to it like you are wearing it.

8. Follow The Rules

Pay close attention to which items you should be hand washing. For example woven/knitted wool items like jumpers, woolen sweat pants, scarves, gloves, wool socks etc etc are fine to hand wash. HOWEVER dry clean only business pants should be DRY CLEANED. A general rule of thumb for this would be to work out if there is any doubt for the mode of washing suggested for your item. If you have any doubt – take the piece to the dry cleaner!

I own a lot of wool. I love the feel of wool, it keeps me warm AND it breathes still because it is a natural fibre. I wear wool cardigans around the house in winter with my pyjamas – it’s been a long time since I had a winter dressing gown. I like that I can move around more freely wearing these. I don’t wear woolen pants or tights though. I find them too thick.

When a lot of people think about wool washing they seem to always expect to use a detergent specifically for wool. Sure you can buy wool wash at your local supermarket. But really, since they are more expensive and just gentle washing liquids labelled and marketed for wool washing, you don’t really need to buy any. SARD soap is fine. I also just use a gentle clothes detergent or natural shampoo. Since my skin is sensitive I use natural shampoo. I also use this when I am travelling to wash my clothes too (more about that later). Your hair gets quite dirty and shampoo strips dirt and oil from your hair, so you can see that it makes sense to use this for your wool. Gentle AND effective!

So what are my tips for your wool washing? I suggest hand washing your wool because it will keep it looking nice for longer – it will pill less over time this way too.

Injecting Colour Into Your Casual Winter Wardrobe

Winter always pulls people back to a time when there is a lot of dull dressing going around in an attempt to stay warm. It makes people lose touch with colour, but it does not have to be so. You can use these tips to add colour to your winter look. Combined with some layering skills for keeping warm, you’ll be bright, beautiful and warm!

1. Wear Accessories

Numerous accessories are colorful, versatile, and flexible. Accessories such as scarves, caps, and bags will do the trick of adding colors to your winter wardrobe. They come in many bold and bright colours to choose from. Typically, the accessories will take center stage of your day’s attire while still bringing the best out of it. You only need to be careful not to go overboard with it neither should you be too afraid of colours. When done right, you will look like a master of winter style.

2. Make Argyles your friend

Argyles have been in season, out of season and now they are back again. In as much as they are known for the golfing culture, you cannot deny that they are a genius way to add colour to your outfit. The patterns are brilliant, and they will add a touch of style to your look other than life. Therefore, invest in them, and you can layer it up with winter coats.

3. Solid Coloured Sweatshirts

There are so many sweatshirt lovers all over. In the cold winter weather, you will see a lot of sweatshirts around. If you are one of the sweatshirt lovers, always go for sweatshirts whose colour is a solid pop colour, full of life, and fun. You can go further and try sweatshirts with designs and logos to add more fun to the look.

4. Invest in Coloured Sneakers

Invest in your footwear and always ensure it is excellent and stylish. Sneakers are a great choice. They are trending, and they always come in a wide range of colours. You can always get bold coloured sneakers to add life to your winter look. Whether red, green, yellow or any other bold colour, it will compliment any neutral color excellently.

5. Wear Jackets with Bright Colours

Jackets are excellent at keeping us warm, and they come in different designs, materials, and even colour. Therefore, if you want to incorporate colour, always go for jackets that are brightly coloured. It may be simple attire, but it will work wonders for you.

Do It Yourself – On a Budget

It’s getting colder here in Sydney! Therefore I feel like I need to start showing ideas for creating chic warmer outfits on Fashion Blender. So, this post is my next outfit post which features my Blue Classic Burberry coat that I bought while I was in Shanghai attending one of their events.

This Burberry coat is what you call a boyfriend coat. So with that in mind I decided to dress it down for weekend wear and show my lovely readers how chic they can look whilst being comfortable. There is nothing worse than running around busy on the weekend and having sore feet AND/OR being cold. I have paired my Burberry blue boyfriend coat with my white Bassike top and a great pair of VINCE Leather track pants. Now you may remember these track pants suggested in a previous post? VINCE leather pants are quite expensive – however since I am always looking for a bargain on quality classic pieces that will last me a lifetime… I got mine on eBay.

Quite a few people have commented on my white ACNE STUDIOS Sneakers too. You can get the look for a fraction of the cost by searching for white sneakers on ShopStyle.

The main purpose of this outfit post was to show you that you can find some great colourful warm options for your casual winter wardrobe. Head to the end of this post for my QUALITY wool coat picks for keeping you warm. They are discounted heavily, which is one of the huge bonuses to living in Australia. We can buy coats when they are on sale. Every coat that I have picked is a great one – remember the Fashion Blender mantra of buying classic quality items that will last you season to season? That by no means means boring though!