Men’s Fashion Trends to Look Forward in 2018

Men’s fashion is changing every fashion season. Designers have raised the graph of the men’s dressing in a highly classic style besides the regular Monday blues. A trendy style and a look are given to the suiting for all age groups. The latest collections, fashion fairs are coming up worldwide that is educating people more about fashion. The trousers, the T-shirts, formal shirts, etc used to come in a simple basic style and in some basic colours. But now as per the changing fashion trend, designers are experimenting with colours, and styling elements. Art has really popped up for the coming season in 2018.

Colourful Art: A lot of print styles and colourful art will hover in 2018 in men’s casual shirts. Collar, cuff, pockets, elbow patch styles; etc will be in different colour as compared to the bodice colour. Compositions of birds, vegetable, fruits will all be seen in varied motifs and in varied colour combinations. The colours used will be soft, pastel for spring and dark, rich for fall winter. Therefore lot of colours will be seen in the coming 2018.

Combination of Luxury and Street Wear: These styles will exclusive rule the men’s fashion market. The combination of luxury styling elements in a way casual will change the styling statement of the men’s wear trends in 2018. The styling elements will involve a lot of drape in the yoke, pleats- like an inverted box pleat or knife pleat can be carried in a different style in shirting. These styles will be created for the higher income groups like for millennial. As they have the comfort level or the purchasing power with the wear ability comfort for the execution of these styles. It is just one of the styles that high Italian brands are showcasing in their wider interesting range of the social media and in their visual window display.

Blurring Gender Lines: The styles are now coming that are unisex and can be worn by both male and female. The styles are blurring the gender lines, as men’s fashion is also flourishing in the women’s trend market. Even some of the ladies styles are also getting incorporated in men’s fashion, giving a different look and a different style and further contributing to a new trend. These notable experiments are repeatedly done by the designers. They are sometimes accepted by the people and sometimes the style fades out from the fashion. This high street style is first accepted by the high class and then it is lowered down to the street way. The fit, especially narrow has definitely generated from the ladies trend to men’s trend.

Seamlessly Blended: Seamless garments are another major accepted trend which will flourish the market in 2018, giving a new trendy look to the men’s fashion. Wide shoulder blazers, oversize fleeces, high waist trousers, rugged shirts have broadened the horizon of the men’s fashion. A lot of brands are moving towards tubular knits or circular knits giving a seamless garment. This urban generated style will be very trendy as seen and advised by the fashion forecasters.

Shorts Style is Again Back: Relieving the men’s fashion style big shorts are back in fashion. Lots of comfortable silhouettes are coming back in 2018. It is a pleasant straight forward appealing trend which gives quite a sporty look when worn with ankle length socks and high class sports shoes. Custom tailoring outfits are also offered by a lot of brands in order to create a boutique cum brand outlet and in order to build up a good customer base. They are providing a complete solution to their customer.

Tuck In Shirts: The shirts are very basic in nature, but the designers have really made it very interesting by adding or by subtracting some of the design elements. Long length of shirts is mostly in this 2018, as a good fit and completely stitched shirt gives a very elegant look to the wearer. Then tuck in shirt leaves an executive look.

Lots of trends are emerging in the brand outlets, giving a freedom to the men to choose and select a different style from the routine. The Monday blues will be over and a different trend will be seen forward.