Injecting Colour Into Your Casual Winter Wardrobe

Winter always pulls people back to a time when there is a lot of dull dressing going around in an attempt to stay warm. It makes people lose touch with colour, but it does not have to be so. You can use these tips to add colour to your winter look. Combined with some layering skills for keeping warm, you’ll be bright, beautiful and warm!

1. Wear Accessories

Numerous accessories are colorful, versatile, and flexible. Accessories such as scarves, caps, and bags will do the trick of adding colors to your winter wardrobe. They come in many bold and bright colours to choose from. Typically, the accessories will take center stage of your day’s attire while still bringing the best out of it. You only need to be careful not to go overboard with it neither should you be too afraid of colours. When done right, you will look like a master of winter style.

2. Make Argyles your friend

Argyles have been in season, out of season and now they are back again. In as much as they are known for the golfing culture, you cannot deny that they are a genius way to add colour to your outfit. The patterns are brilliant, and they will add a touch of style to your look other than life. Therefore, invest in them, and you can layer it up with winter coats.

3. Solid Coloured Sweatshirts

There are so many sweatshirt lovers all over. In the cold winter weather, you will see a lot of sweatshirts around. If you are one of the sweatshirt lovers, always go for sweatshirts whose colour is a solid pop colour, full of life, and fun. You can go further and try sweatshirts with designs and logos to add more fun to the look.

4. Invest in Coloured Sneakers

Invest in your footwear and always ensure it is excellent and stylish. Sneakers are a great choice. They are trending, and they always come in a wide range of colours. You can always get bold coloured sneakers to add life to your winter look. Whether red, green, yellow or any other bold colour, it will compliment any neutral color excellently.

5. Wear Jackets with Bright Colours

Jackets are excellent at keeping us warm, and they come in different designs, materials, and even colour. Therefore, if you want to incorporate colour, always go for jackets that are brightly coloured. It may be simple attire, but it will work wonders for you.

Do It Yourself – On a Budget

It’s getting colder here in Sydney! Therefore I feel like I need to start showing ideas for creating chic warmer outfits on Fashion Blender. So, this post is my next outfit post which features my Blue Classic Burberry coat that I bought while I was in Shanghai attending one of their events.

This Burberry coat is what you call a boyfriend coat. So with that in mind I decided to dress it down for weekend wear and show my lovely readers how chic they can look whilst being comfortable. There is nothing worse than running around busy on the weekend and having sore feet AND/OR being cold. I have paired my Burberry blue boyfriend coat with my white Bassike top and a great pair of VINCE Leather track pants. Now you may remember these track pants suggested in a previous post? VINCE leather pants are quite expensive – however since I am always looking for a bargain on quality classic pieces that will last me a lifetime… I got mine on eBay.

Quite a few people have commented on my white ACNE STUDIOS Sneakers too. You can get the look for a fraction of the cost by searching for white sneakers on ShopStyle.

The main purpose of this outfit post was to show you that you can find some great colourful warm options for your casual winter wardrobe. Head to the end of this post for my QUALITY wool coat picks for keeping you warm. They are discounted heavily, which is one of the huge bonuses to living in Australia. We can buy coats when they are on sale. Every coat that I have picked is a great one – remember the Fashion Blender mantra of buying classic quality items that will last you season to season? That by no means means boring though!