10 Best Fashion Tips of All Time

Fashion conscious people always check in for other fashion tips from the fashion advisors and pay heavy amounts to them just to have a good fashion or a style statement. People are earning more and more and are making a handsome amount of money and then the same is spent on one’s personal style statement in buying clothes, styles, fashion advices, footwear, etc. In order to maintain a good look instead of becoming a fashion disaster, below is a list of some best fashion tips that not only be saving money but will also make one look good.

Simple Yet Best: A lot of girls use a lot of over dressing elements or garments which sometimes becomes more clumsy or congested. Therefore, these elements should be avoided in the garment. Layers of garments do not make one look stylish but yes simplicity does. The gathers, pleats, different kinds of drape style, etc definitely add up to the look of the garment but over use of same spoil the dress. If these elements are used in a proper style, then they look elegant and beautiful.

Replicas Always Fail: Girls have always been replicating the dresses the garments or dresses that their favourite celebrities wear at shows or award functions. They blindly start following them without understanding the body type or the outer features. Therefore, it does not look good on them and results in fashion disaster. Hence, if the dress is replicated, the body type should also be taken care of.

Wear Heels: Heels really builds up good confidence in girls. With any dress worn the attitude with it comes automatically on the wearer’s face. The heels not only add up height, but also add to the overall look. If a person is not comfortable in carrying heels than she can wear wedges, stilettos, box heals, etc. These options can also add up some inches to the height and can also add elegance in the walk style.

Own Perfection: Being the perfect example of perfectly dressed is owned, it is not made by becoming artificially perfect. Some people look perfect in their own messy style, some of baggy looks, some look perfect in good fit suits. But when the style gets copied, then it loses its perfection which is then artificially owned.

Well Groomed: One should be well groomed with the styles that well suits one personality. Also one should be groomed with his/ her habits in order to look good. Some of the habits include trimmed or clean nails, waxed arms and legs, well combed hair, etc. All these things also matters a lot in making one’s style statement proper.

Your Tailor is Your Best Friend: One’s best friend will always give you good advice until and unless she envies you inside. That friend will always tailor one’s dress till it fits well. That friend can also change the dress completely maybe by playing around with colours or other elements which not suits, because your best friend will always want you to look beautiful.

Power of Colours: Some colours rule the body and always look beautiful. Hence should be taken care of before one buys any garment. Soft colours look good on fat as well as on slim people. Deep and rich colours always look good on well structured figures.

Jazz It Up: In order to add up style, be trendy and wear something jazzy which can be any accessory, but should be teaming up with the worn dress.

Invest In Classics: One should always invest in classics which will always remain in fashion. That is a safe play, as people will not have to fear whether they are going on with the fashion trend or not. Hence, becoming different from the crowd is not always preferred.

Denim- A Statement: The denims are saviours for every figure type. It has become a statement of style for everyone. Its nature of fabric has always proven successful in all kinds of dresses worn by both men and women.

Above mentioned are some of the fashion tips which one can follow to be with the moving trend and can also become fashionable by staying simple yet beautiful.

Men’s Fashion Trends to Look Forward in 2018

Men’s fashion is changing every fashion season. Designers have raised the graph of the men’s dressing in a highly classic style besides the regular Monday blues. A trendy style and a look are given to the suiting for all age groups. The latest collections, fashion fairs are coming up worldwide that is educating people more about fashion. The trousers, the T-shirts, formal shirts, etc used to come in a simple basic style and in some basic colours. But now as per the changing fashion trend, designers are experimenting with colours, and styling elements. Art has really popped up for the coming season in 2018.

Colourful Art: A lot of print styles and colourful art will hover in 2018 in men’s casual shirts. Collar, cuff, pockets, elbow patch styles; etc will be in different colour as compared to the bodice colour. Compositions of birds, vegetable, fruits will all be seen in varied motifs and in varied colour combinations. The colours used will be soft, pastel for spring and dark, rich for fall winter. Therefore lot of colours will be seen in the coming 2018.

Combination of Luxury and Street Wear: These styles will exclusive rule the men’s fashion market. The combination of luxury styling elements in a way casual will change the styling statement of the men’s wear trends in 2018. The styling elements will involve a lot of drape in the yoke, pleats- like an inverted box pleat or knife pleat can be carried in a different style in shirting. These styles will be created for the higher income groups like for millennial. As they have the comfort level or the purchasing power with the wear ability comfort for the execution of these styles. It is just one of the styles that high Italian brands are showcasing in their wider interesting range of the social media and in their visual window display.

Blurring Gender Lines: The styles are now coming that are unisex and can be worn by both male and female. The styles are blurring the gender lines, as men’s fashion is also flourishing in the women’s trend market. Even some of the ladies styles are also getting incorporated in men’s fashion, giving a different look and a different style and further contributing to a new trend. These notable experiments are repeatedly done by the designers. They are sometimes accepted by the people and sometimes the style fades out from the fashion. This high street style is first accepted by the high class and then it is lowered down to the street way. The fit, especially narrow has definitely generated from the ladies trend to men’s trend.

Seamlessly Blended: Seamless garments are another major accepted trend which will flourish the market in 2018, giving a new trendy look to the men’s fashion. Wide shoulder blazers, oversize fleeces, high waist trousers, rugged shirts have broadened the horizon of the men’s fashion. A lot of brands are moving towards tubular knits or circular knits giving a seamless garment. This urban generated style will be very trendy as seen and advised by the fashion forecasters.

Shorts Style is Again Back: Relieving the men’s fashion style big shorts are back in fashion. Lots of comfortable silhouettes are coming back in 2018. It is a pleasant straight forward appealing trend which gives quite a sporty look when worn with ankle length socks and high class sports shoes. Custom tailoring outfits are also offered by a lot of brands in order to create a boutique cum brand outlet and in order to build up a good customer base. They are providing a complete solution to their customer.

Tuck In Shirts: The shirts are very basic in nature, but the designers have really made it very interesting by adding or by subtracting some of the design elements. Long length of shirts is mostly in this 2018, as a good fit and completely stitched shirt gives a very elegant look to the wearer. Then tuck in shirt leaves an executive look.

Lots of trends are emerging in the brand outlets, giving a freedom to the men to choose and select a different style from the routine. The Monday blues will be over and a different trend will be seen forward.

How to Always Look Stylish Fashion Tips & Tricks

You have been seeing a lot of how to look expensive / how to look on trend / how to always look stylish.You don’t need a massive wardrobe of designer clothes to be a great dresser.When it comes to fashion tips, it sometimes seems that everyone has tried-and-true style advice they absolutely swear by. Some are useful, while others, well, not so much.Always organize your clothes going light to dark from left to right in your closet. Your eye will follow the color and thus help you stay organized.

Preparing for an Australian Summer

Every season will always have its unique fashion trend whether summer, autumn, winter or spring. Therefore, you need always to be ready for the seasons and keep up with the fashion trends for each season. When summer strikes in Australia, it will be casual looks all the way. These are the things that should never miss in your wardrobe.

Perfect Beachwear

The city beaches are irresistible in this season and the chances that you will hit the beach at least thrice a week are very high. Therefore, you will need some of the best bikinis or other swimsuits you can get so that you can enjoy the beaches.

Perfect Sandals

Sandals are highly preferred by the female population during the day. Therefore, look for a perfectly fitting pair of sandals, with a great arch support. Also, ensure the design is wonderful. Even so, do not go clubbing with sandals. For an evening out, high heeled shoes will do the magic.

A Hat and a Pair of Sunglasses

You will need a sunhat to keep you protected from the rays of the sun that may be scorching at times. Pairing this up with designer sunglasses will give you the perfect, complete stylish look for an Australian summer.


Shorts are an excellent choice for this warm weather as compared to trousers, especially during the day. You can also invest in quick-dry shorts to hit the beach with. Even when they get wet, they will dry soon after under the hot weather. You can wear them over your swimsuit.

Summer Dresses

Summer dresses are designed to give you maximum comfort under the hot weather. They are not made with heavy fabrics and thus can keep you cool throughout the day. You can wear other kinds of dresses in the evening.

A jacket, Light Hoodie or Cardigan

Australian weather sometimes can be very tricky. During the day, it can be hot but come evening; the rains may strike or wind. The temperatures will go from warm to cold in seconds, and these will help you stay warm.

Tank Tops

Tank tops will go wonderfully with the summer weather. You can wear them to the beach, and in the evening, you can accessorize it, and you will have your perfect look. Throw a leather jacket over the top, put on sexy heels, and a pair of skinny jeans and you are good to go.

These are some fashion tips to prepare for summer in Australia. With these items in your closet, you will not go wrong when summer strikes.

I love talking about sustainable fashion on Fashion Blender. Recently I had a ball bringing that discussion on a boat on Sydney Harbour talking to other influencers and Fashion Revolution AUS/NZ about Sustainable Fashion. Well in an effort to do my bit for the environment I have been busy researching some great sustainable labels to share with you.

I have been interested in buying classic quality pieces for a while. I often buy things that I know will last me a lifetime like my Burberry leather moto jacket. You’ve seen it in a lot of posts like (link). However, I must admit, before the high tea I wasn’t interested in Eco labels because I felt that they didn’t produce pieces that I wanted to wear. You know that age old fallacy? That Eco products are not as cool as others? Do you think the same thing?

I have really sensitive skin so I buy more natural products like sorbelene moisturiser and Alchemy shampoo and conditioner. So why is it that I couldn’t wrap my head around more environmentally friendly fashion? Maybe because I hadn’t discovered enough Eco labels with cool products!

During this week I have discovered that bamboo fabrics use less water than cotton to product AND that being aware and changing a few things about the way we think about our clothes will make a difference. It’s enough for me to start supporting Eco labels and start thinking about my purchases even more – which is great because I really can’t give up my leather shoes or jackets. There is nothing quite like them.

Sustainable Fashion is all about supporting the designers, the local economy and the planet into the future. Prymal is fully committed to working directly with local artisans, paying them appropriate wages for their hard work and making sure they have safe working conditions.

How to Iron Pleats Please

Ironing pleats is not easy for a lot of people. When ironing pants with pleats, there is a specific way to go about so that you can end up with a perfectly ironed trouser with pleats in place. To iron your pleated pants like a pro, follow my steps and you will be proud of your work. The Fashion Blender team suffered through the heatwave to iron plenty of items to write this guide!

Gather All The Necessary Items

Plan for your ironing. You should have an ironing board, iron, and a bottle of starch. The starch will help you get a perfect finish. When you get everything ready and in the same place, connect the iron box to the source of power and regulate the heat so that you do not burn the trouser. Typically, every fabric has a recommended amount of heat. Check your pants material and adjust accordingly.

Turn The Pant Inside Out

Turning the trouser inside out gives you the chance to iron the pockets with a lot of ease. Position the trouser on the board with the back pockets facing upward. Iron the back pockets and then flip the trouser to iron the front pockets. Ironing the pockets eliminates the formation of any wrinkles.

Turn The Pant So That The Right Side is Out

Having ironing the pockets, lift the trouser from the board and turn it to its original side. You can then spray some starch on the pant so that you can get a perfect finish and the pleats to hold for longer. In case you do not want t use starch on the outside, you can spray the starch before turning it right side out. With the hot iron box, press on the trouser all the way to the waistband and around it.

Locating The Pleats And Ironing Them

To locate the pleats, identify the starting point and pinch it. You can then tag on the leg of the pant gently so that the pleat can appear clearly. If the pleat is proving to be stubborn, you can pin it using some pins.

Having located the pleat and where it ends, press against it with the iron box from top to bottom. Take note that the bottom is where the pleat ends. Trouser pleats are very brief. Therefore, be careful not to force them to extend past their length.

After ironing the pleats, you can go ahead and complete ironing the whole trouser then hang it up. It is an easy and simple process that you cannot get wrong.

Tips and Tricks to Help You Iron Your Pleated Skirt

Now that I have a few pleated skirts I did some research on the best way to iron pleats. I’ve been experimenting so I thought I might share some of my tips with you.

The best way to iron a pleated skirt, for example, is on an ironing board. This is because you can put the skirt over the board length ways and rotate the skirt around, ironing as you go. You will easily be able to see the end of your job this way. My next tip is using paper clips to hold your pleats in place.


First fill your iron with water so you can iron with steam. Make sure you look at the care tag on your pleated skirt and set the iron to the setting most appropriate for the fabric it is made from. If you are worried about ironing an item, my rule of thumb is to start with a clean cloth over the item first. If that is not removing the wrinkles increase the heat WITHOUT removing the protective cloth. Remember safety first.

Put your skirt waist band over the ironing board and press that first. Then put the body of the skirt over the board so that the pleats run parallel to the board edge. Gather the fabric at the bottom of the skirt so that you can lay the pleats flat and together from top to bottom. Use paper clips to secure the pleats at the bottom of the skirt so that they all lay flat. Make sure there are no tucks and creases. It’s best to only secure an iron width amount of pleats at a time and then iron those. You can then rotate the skirt over the board and start the process again.

When ironing the pleats, start from the waist band and iron down to the bottom of the skirt. Another tip is to work from the inside of the pleat to the outside. Remember to set the pleats with a shot of steam. Press the pleats carefully with a lower-and-lift motion, hitting the steam button just before you make contact with the skirt. Don’t drag the iron on the fabric because you could stretch your skirt.

Once you have finished hang your skirt up straight away. The above process can be modified for other pleated items because the general idea to flatten and arrange the pleats is universal.

Layering for Warmth in Winter

Keeping warm during winter is something that no one can take for granted because the cold weather will not only harm your health but may also land you in the hospital. To manage the winter weather, layering is inevitable. Here are a few tips for layering during winter that will keep you looking good and stylish.

Those of you who have been following the blog for a while are aware we went to London Fashion Week in February. While I was there I had an amazing VIP runway experience thanks to Burberry. The next day, after watching the Autumn Winter 2015 Womenswear show, we visited the Burberry showroom at Horseferry House and got to try on everything that had been on the runway. It was an amazing few days and I met Christopher Bailey again too.

Those of you who check out my Instagram account regularly probably know that my special Burberry Made to Order from the Runway box showed up a few weeks ago. I am sure you are all dying to find out what I ordered? Well I ended up choosing a gorgeous green wool-cashmere fringed blanket/poncho from their Autumn Winter 2015 Collection. It’s very cosy and is right on trend since everyone is wearing fringed items at the moment. I will have another fringed special coming up soon on the post too; but more about that later, here are my layering tips!

Always Balance Your Look

When you have heavy layering on your upper body, always ensure that the lower part features a slimmer silhouette look. This will balance your look and prevent completely hiding your figure.

Accessorize With a Skinny Scarf

In cold weather, you may be tempted to wear the heaviest and biggest knitted scarf in your wardrobe. Even so, a skinny scarf will be a brilliant choice. You can wrap it once, and if the cold goes right through, you can do it twice. It will add style to your look, and it is versatile.

Always Choose The Perfect Colours

Color is very important in layering. It makes layering stylish and sophisticated. Going with neutrals is brilliant. You can go with black, gray, and taupes. These three flow perfectly and you can layer as many clothes as you can. You can also blend in one bright colour to lighten things up.

Always Have a Base Layer, Insulating Layer, And a Shell Layer (in that order)

The base layer is the garment that is immediately after your skin. Attires made of merino wool, synthetic fabrics and silk are excellent because they do not absorb sweat but dispenses it. The middle layer should be warm, and the most preferred material is natural fibers like wool. You can also go for goose down. The outer layer should protect you from the elements of weather whether rain, wind or otherwise. With all these layers, you might have some wools to wash! Be sure to check out our wool garment washing guide!


Turtlenecks have long been in the market, and many people may think they are outdated, but they have a way of enhancing your look in winter and keeping you warm and cozy. You can wear turtlenecks underneath strappy dresses or jackets that have collars.

Make Use of Belts

In winter, heavy winter coats are seen everywhere. If you are not careful, these coats will bury your looks without knowing it. To accentuate your figure beneath them, always accessorize using a belt. It will emphasize your waist and give a nice flow of your looks.

Make use of these tips during winter, and you will keep yourself warm, stylish, and elegant.

Fringed Poncho Direct from London

I chose this fringed blanket because of the colour, because I don’t own anything quite like it AND because it provides the perfect way to layer in winter. I have lots of coats in my wardrobe, all smart purchases I might add, but no blanket poncho. I love this piece because it is warm and can be make warmer because it is easy to put more layers under it. It’s not form fitting as it were. PLUS it can come off just as easily when you walk inside out of the cold.

I’ve paired my Burberry Poncho with a classic white basic T-Shirt which I discussed in the last post White Classics on a Budget. I am very particular about the types of fabrics I buy to wear as my skin is quite sensitive. I prefer natural fabrics to man made ones. I am also wearing a pair of black skinny Burberry jeans. Both the white T-shirt and the black jeans are quite versatile and you’ll be seeing more of these two pieces in coming posts. Once again I have dressed for comfort – flat shoes are a must. These Burberry heart print shoes are about two seasons old however they are a firm favourites of mine and go with quite a few things in my wardrobe.