Sandals of Love

Summer goes so well with sandals because sandals give your feet the chance to enjoy the weather, give your feet a great look, and maximum comfort. To get the perfect sandal, these tips will come in handy for you.

1. Always Buy The Right Size Always

How comfortable a shoe will be is directly related as to whether the shoe fits or it does not fit. Therefore, when picking your summer sandals, always try the shoe first. Ensure that there is enough room for your heel at the end of the shoe sandal so that your heel does not hang outside the shoe. Choosing the right size ensures that you do not get an extremely big sandal because your feet will be moving around in the sandal. This will discomfort the feet and strain it. To get a perfect size, have your feet measured at the store first then pick a shoe.

2. Look at The Heel

A good heel will translate to a comfortable heel. The design for sandals is supposed to bring you comfort, make you look good, and feel good. As compared to high heeled shoes, these shoes help your feet relax. Even so, not every heel will be comfortable just because the shoe is a sandal. Let the sandal have a small heel or wedge for great comfort. When the heel is flat on the surface, your feet will be strained same as the Achilles, and the back. The recommended heel should be 0.74 inches for ladies. While looking at the heel, check the cushion to ensure it is also very comfortable; not so tough but should not cage in under your pressure.

3. Get a Shoe With a Great Arch Support

Sandal design always ensures that there is flexibility, comfort, and the shoe has a minimum weight. Because of this, many sandals lack proper arch support, and sometimes it is completely left out, and the shoe is flat like the surface. This is going to strain your feet, and it is unhealthy. As you shop for your summer sandals, always look for the shoe that has a visible and arch. The next step is to try it out to ensure that it offers great comfort and support for your arch.

4. The Design And Designer

If you are going to rock sandals, ensure that you get the best design from the best designers. Whether toe post sandals or otherwise, choose wisely. You can also check whether there are any accessories used on the sandal or not. Make your priority sandals to come from top designers and rarely will you be disappointed.

Now you can be on your merry way to get the best sandals for the summer that will keep you looking stylish and with the bonus of comfort.

So. Yes I am back in Sydney. Back to work in the Fashion Blender office after an amazing holiday in Europe, the French Riviera and the Italian Riviera. All that sun, fresh air and skimpy clothing has gotten me excited about starting my summer wardrobe in preparation for our Australian summer. I am well versed in the pieces that I like; however this year it will be about pushing myself OUT of my comfort zones.

I also must admit that I have a small obsession with Etsy right now. Do you guys use it? I’d love to hear of your experiences. So far mine have only been great ones! I have organised a collaboration with bag company Tana & Hide, I’ve purchased jewellery and a gorgeous real fur bag charm too. All these things feature on my blog and instagram account regularly. I’m also attending the Sydney Etsy Markets on November 28, 2015 too. I am pretty excited about meeting some of the local Etsy creators & sellers. I am always after unique and quality items to inspire me. To inspire my readers.

Let me introduce you to my first pair of unique handmade leather sandals handmade by SandalsOfLove. These beautiful colourful sandals are inspired by Greek culture and Greek Mythology. SandalsOfLove only use genuine, natural materials and all their sandals are hand-crafted. These sandals speak to me of Joy, Love, Freedom, Elegance and Adventure.

I am looking forward to wearing mine this summer because they are bit of fun. They will also be a great way to add colour to any of my summer outfits. I have had a few people ask me already where I got mine from; my SandalsOfLove have TURNED HEADS.

Old Friends, Colourful Classics

When the world says that the end of something is the beginning of something else, it also applies to your wardrobe. When attire is old, and you no longer want it, the best thing to do is begin a new journey with it but as something different. Here is how to make your old clothes new without sweating it.

Make a T-shirt Scarf

If you have any old t-shirt lying around, take a pair of scissors and cut it into fine strips. Tie these strips together with a smaller strip and create a knot at the end of the strips. Let the part that is not knotted be on the front. Other than this, you can also make an infinity scarf and add polka dots to it.

Make Bow-Sleeves

Making sleeve bow ties will add a new look to your old shirt and give you the urge to keep wearing it. All you need is to cut off a small piece of the shoulder area. Take hold of the remaining part of the sleeve and pull it to the centre and hold that in place with a small material that was cut out and some washable glue.

Make a Crop Top

This is the easiest way to transform your old t-shirt. All you need is a pair of scissors, and an old t-shirt, leggings, or blouse. Crop tops are rocking the streets, and this is an excellent way to join the trend. It is easy and very fast. When you use leggings, you will get a deep v-neck shape.

Make a Sexy Corset Top

If you have a corset that you no longer wear, all you need to add to it is a piece of lace, and you have a new outfit. Use black lace for elegance. Add lace to the front part so that you can have a bareback, lace corset top.

Reinvent Your Skirt

Take your old skirt and add a peplum to it to give it a whole new look. The peplum can be the same colour or a different colour.

Give Your Jeans a Rugged Look

All you need is a pair of scissors or razor blade. Cut out your pair of jeans around the thighs region going down. You can cut out stars, love shape, rectangles, and so on.

Add Pearls to Your Collar

If you have a dress with a collar or a blouse, you can add pearls to the collar to make it new. Use different colors to create variety and add color.

All these are fun ideas to work with to make good use of old clothes instead of throwing them away which will not be justice.

Have you ever felt like trying to make a new outfit from some of your old friends? You know those pieces that you just loved, that everyone else commented on, that you just couldn’t bear to part with? Even though they are seasons old? This outfit is that type of outfit – a new combination of some old colourful classics that are so comfortable. I would never think to donate them to charity.

Most of the regular readers of my blog would be used to my red lips and nails by now. They are sort of like my trademark. I often think I am going to try a new nail colour but I can never quite bring myself to do it. A new nail colour would mean a new lip colour too because I love to match. However nothing makes my teeth seem whiter than my trusty red lipstick. Quite simple really – then I looked at what I could find within the depths of my wardrobe that was red. Check out the result below.

Since it was pretty chilly in Sydney on the weekend, I’ve actually got two other black jumpers on under my Alexander Wang jumper that you can see below. That’s a great tip for winter by the way – think about layering and the item that you will wear over the top of everything. Often it is best to buy your coat or over-jumper one size larger – so you can fit everything on underneath!

My red Balenciaga leather leggings got another outing because I needed to match my Burberry bag. I was scouting future locations for some upcoming collaboration posts – so I needed my hands free. This shoulder bag helped in that regard.

The only things left to add were a good sturdy pair of sneakers and some sunglasses!