The Perfect Lunchy

Carrying your lunch to work, school and other places is made easier with lunch clutch bags made of leather. These bags are convenient, long lasting, stylish, fancy, elegant, and gorgeous. I am talking about lunch clutch bags like these:

1. Faux Leather Lunch Bag From Hoxis

This is a gorgeous blue clutch bag that is made from Pu leather that is of high quality. It has a shoulder strap that can be removed with a lot of ease. It also features a magnetic snap and a top zipper for closure. It is excellent at its purpose thanks to its high functionality. It is also fashionable.

2. Clutch Lunch Bag by Marie Turnor

This is yet another exquisite lunch clutch bag made of excellent and high-quality leather. The bag features dot prints on it that give it a sophisticated and elegant look. The size is big to accommodate your food. Its black colour is excellent.

3. Tote Choice of Leathers, Leather Lunch Clutch Bag From Laurel Dasso

This lunch clutch bag looks gorgeous and has a perfect brown colour. The bottom part has an extra layer to give it amazing structure. It is perfect for both men and women. It is big and carries a lot of things in it comfortably all days.

4. Lunch Clutch Bag From Adaism

Adaism is known to produce the best leather bags, and this is equally as excellent. Thus lunch clutch bag is gorgeous, simple, sophisticated, and elegant. It is large and can comfortably hold your food without any troubles. The leather is also high quality and thus the reason why the bag stands the test of time.

5. Lunch Clutch Bag By Tana and Hide

This rolled top, high class, lunch clutch bag has a magnetic clasp to secure your lunch inside it. It has been made using high quality, extremely soft lambskin and this gives it durability. It is a bag that has been featured in a lot of magazines because of its fashionable style and excellence. Being a handmade lunch clutch bag, you can add a touch of your style when ordering it.

6. Lunch Bag, Claude Menthol

This lunch clutch bag is made of genuine leather from Italy. It is extremely soft to the touch and long-lasting. It is one of the gorgeous A-Rada leather bags. It has one compartment but big enough for your storage needs. It is mint coloured, gorgeous, and stylish.

With these bags, you no longer have to worry about getting a new lunch paper bag day in day out, and they will also make you look stylish while at it.

Welcome to my next Fashion Collaboration – it’s with Melbourne based Tana & Hide and their lovely Lunch Bag Leather Clutch. I had mine custom made.

Tana & Hide is the brainchild of Georgia and was created from two ideas. One was to be able to do something for the street children who spend hours selling things to tourists in Bali, Indonesia. These children don’t attend school in order to help their families survive. Georgia had been drawing bags and ideas for leathergoods which she longed to bring to fruition. She then had the fantastic idea of merging the two ideas together, making beautiful designer leather bags in Indonesia where she could support families and children. Some Tana & Hide bags are hand made by Georgia and others are made by masterful leather craftsmen in Bali.

Tana & Hide has developed relationships with tailors that have small businesses. These businesses train and provide excellent facilities for their employees and take on apprenticeships with young Balinese workers interested in learning the art of leathercraft.

Tana & Hide have over 100 coloured leathers to choose from, so it was easy to pick the style of bag I wanted and the colour I was after. I finally have a white bag to wear with my Burberry booties that I love to much.