Layering for Warmth in Winter

Keeping warm during winter is something that no one can take for granted because the cold weather will not only harm your health but may also land you in the hospital. To manage the winter weather, layering is inevitable. Here are a few tips for layering during winter that will keep you looking good and stylish.

Those of you who have been following the blog for a while are aware we went to London Fashion Week in February. While I was there I had an amazing VIP runway experience thanks to Burberry. The next day, after watching the Autumn Winter 2015 Womenswear show, we visited the Burberry showroom at Horseferry House and got to try on everything that had been on the runway. It was an amazing few days and I met Christopher Bailey again too.

Those of you who check out my Instagram account regularly probably know that my special Burberry Made to Order from the Runway box showed up a few weeks ago. I am sure you are all dying to find out what I ordered? Well I ended up choosing a gorgeous green wool-cashmere fringed blanket/poncho from their Autumn Winter 2015 Collection. It’s very cosy and is right on trend since everyone is wearing fringed items at the moment. I will have another fringed special coming up soon on the post too; but more about that later, here are my layering tips!

Always Balance Your Look

When you have heavy layering on your upper body, always ensure that the lower part features a slimmer silhouette look. This will balance your look and prevent completely hiding your figure.

Accessorize With a Skinny Scarf

In cold weather, you may be tempted to wear the heaviest and biggest knitted scarf in your wardrobe. Even so, a skinny scarf will be a brilliant choice. You can wrap it once, and if the cold goes right through, you can do it twice. It will add style to your look, and it is versatile.

Always Choose The Perfect Colours

Color is very important in layering. It makes layering stylish and sophisticated. Going with neutrals is brilliant. You can go with black, gray, and taupes. These three flow perfectly and you can layer as many clothes as you can. You can also blend in one bright colour to lighten things up.

Always Have a Base Layer, Insulating Layer, And a Shell Layer (in that order)

The base layer is the garment that is immediately after your skin. Attires made of merino wool, synthetic fabrics and silk are excellent because they do not absorb sweat but dispenses it. The middle layer should be warm, and the most preferred material is natural fibers like wool. You can also go for goose down. The outer layer should protect you from the elements of weather whether rain, wind or otherwise. With all these layers, you might have some wools to wash! Be sure to check out our wool garment washing guide!


Turtlenecks have long been in the market, and many people may think they are outdated, but they have a way of enhancing your look in winter and keeping you warm and cozy. You can wear turtlenecks underneath strappy dresses or jackets that have collars.

Make Use of Belts

In winter, heavy winter coats are seen everywhere. If you are not careful, these coats will bury your looks without knowing it. To accentuate your figure beneath them, always accessorize using a belt. It will emphasize your waist and give a nice flow of your looks.

Make use of these tips during winter, and you will keep yourself warm, stylish, and elegant.

Fringed Poncho Direct from London

I chose this fringed blanket because of the colour, because I don’t own anything quite like it AND because it provides the perfect way to layer in winter. I have lots of coats in my wardrobe, all smart purchases I might add, but no blanket poncho. I love this piece because it is warm and can be make warmer because it is easy to put more layers under it. It’s not form fitting as it were. PLUS it can come off just as easily when you walk inside out of the cold.

I’ve paired my Burberry Poncho with a classic white basic T-Shirt which I discussed in the last post White Classics on a Budget. I am very particular about the types of fabrics I buy to wear as my skin is quite sensitive. I prefer natural fabrics to man made ones. I am also wearing a pair of black skinny Burberry jeans. Both the white T-shirt and the black jeans are quite versatile and you’ll be seeing more of these two pieces in coming posts. Once again I have dressed for comfort – flat shoes are a must. These Burberry heart print shoes are about two seasons old however they are a firm favourites of mine and go with quite a few things in my wardrobe.