Do It Yourself! London Collections: Men Street Style

It’s impressive to see how men are excited to participate in fashion trends. Looking at London, men have taken to the streets with some of the best looks that have been creatively and thoughtfully put together to get perfection and trend. Some of the best men’s street styles in London include:

Jackets: there have been all kinds of jackets spotted on the streets of London in as much as it is not extremely cold. The jacket has been used to make a statement and to style up the look. As long as it fits perfectly and is cute, you will see it on the streets.

Leather Biker Jackets: these are different from other jackets, and they are fancier. We all know how cool we assume bikers to be. This jacket will make you look just as cool and gives you that perfect rock n’ roll look. It is a look that a lot of people have adopted, and some have used it to in layering which made it more impressive. Put this jacket on with a stylish pair of shoes and exquisite sunglasses, and you will look like a winner.

T-shirts and a Pair of Jeans: this is a simple and classic look, and we can be sure that this look will is here to stay. Skinny jeans are the prominent jeans style noted while observing the men’s street style. It is fast and easy to pair up these two and to accentuate the look; you can throw in a stylish pair of shoes, a fancy jacket or coat. Alternatively, you can throw in a bit of color by tying a checked colored shirt on your waist.

The Official Casual Look: this is yet another style that has been observed in men’s street style in London. Pairing a nice shirt, a gorgeous tie, and a statement coat with a great pair of jeans seems to work perfectly for a lot of people. It brings out the feeling that you mean business, but you are in touch with your fun side.

Joggers:  Joggers have been seen a lot more on the streets than ever before after featuring on the runway because of top brands like Burberry. Pairing an excellent pair of joggers with a t-shirt, jacket and a pair of trainers will look great on anyone.

These are some of the dominant styles in Men’s street style in London. You can join the masses and lose yourself in the excitement of trying these styles.

Well as many of you already know, the London Collections: Men have kicked off in London. I am sure it is slightly warmer than when I was there for London Fashion Week; sadly I can’t be there for the Menswear shows. Although I would have loved to have gone.

To tie in with my Menswear themed posts for this period – I thought I would put together a Do It Yourself! Outfit based around the street style coming out of London.

There is an obvious trend towards luxe sports wear with a focus on statement pieces. I love the pizza clutch along with the neoprene light blue statement face jumper in photo two. I’ve sneaked a photo of Australian blogger Nicole Warne of Garry Pepper Girl in here too since I love her style. PLUS she’s wearing a pants suit with a texture that will tie nicely with my next outfit post – so stick around for that!

As you can see black is still the go to colour/shade this season on the streets for men. Statement sneakers are still a must too. White soles get photographed well and I love the pair that you can see in photo five too. The gentleman in photo three is wearing a black ensemble punctuated by colour from his hero statement accessories. This is the basis for my Do It Yourself! Outfits.

So we come to the main point of this article. The practicality of actually wearing these clothes/suggestions as a regular guy. I believe this is an outfit best suited for men to wear every day. Plus the beanie will come in handy in Australia right now! Feel free to lose the statement pieces in my Do It Yourself! Outfit suggestion. This will mean you can wear it all day anywhere you feel like.