Preparing for an Australian Summer

Every season will always have its unique fashion trend whether summer, autumn, winter or spring. Therefore, you need always to be ready for the seasons and keep up with the fashion trends for each season. When summer strikes in Australia, it will be casual looks all the way. These are the things that should never miss in your wardrobe.

Perfect Beachwear

The city beaches are irresistible in this season and the chances that you will hit the beach at least thrice a week are very high. Therefore, you will need some of the best bikinis or other swimsuits you can get so that you can enjoy the beaches.

Perfect Sandals

Sandals are highly preferred by the female population during the day. Therefore, look for a perfectly fitting pair of sandals, with a great arch support. Also, ensure the design is wonderful. Even so, do not go clubbing with sandals. For an evening out, high heeled shoes will do the magic.

A Hat and a Pair of Sunglasses

You will need a sunhat to keep you protected from the rays of the sun that may be scorching at times. Pairing this up with designer sunglasses will give you the perfect, complete stylish look for an Australian summer.


Shorts are an excellent choice for this warm weather as compared to trousers, especially during the day. You can also invest in quick-dry shorts to hit the beach with. Even when they get wet, they will dry soon after under the hot weather. You can wear them over your swimsuit.

Summer Dresses

Summer dresses are designed to give you maximum comfort under the hot weather. They are not made with heavy fabrics and thus can keep you cool throughout the day. You can wear other kinds of dresses in the evening.

A jacket, Light Hoodie or Cardigan

Australian weather sometimes can be very tricky. During the day, it can be hot but come evening; the rains may strike or wind. The temperatures will go from warm to cold in seconds, and these will help you stay warm.

Tank Tops

Tank tops will go wonderfully with the summer weather. You can wear them to the beach, and in the evening, you can accessorize it, and you will have your perfect look. Throw a leather jacket over the top, put on sexy heels, and a pair of skinny jeans and you are good to go.

These are some fashion tips to prepare for summer in Australia. With these items in your closet, you will not go wrong when summer strikes.

I love talking about sustainable fashion on Fashion Blender. Recently I had a ball bringing that discussion on a boat on Sydney Harbour talking to other influencers and Fashion Revolution AUS/NZ about Sustainable Fashion. Well in an effort to do my bit for the environment I have been busy researching some great sustainable labels to share with you.

I have been interested in buying classic quality pieces for a while. I often buy things that I know will last me a lifetime like my Burberry leather moto jacket. You’ve seen it in a lot of posts like (link). However, I must admit, before the high tea I wasn’t interested in Eco labels because I felt that they didn’t produce pieces that I wanted to wear. You know that age old fallacy? That Eco products are not as cool as others? Do you think the same thing?

I have really sensitive skin so I buy more natural products like sorbelene moisturiser and Alchemy shampoo and conditioner. So why is it that I couldn’t wrap my head around more environmentally friendly fashion? Maybe because I hadn’t discovered enough Eco labels with cool products!

During this week I have discovered that bamboo fabrics use less water than cotton to product AND that being aware and changing a few things about the way we think about our clothes will make a difference. It’s enough for me to start supporting Eco labels and start thinking about my purchases even more – which is great because I really can’t give up my leather shoes or jackets. There is nothing quite like them.

Sustainable Fashion is all about supporting the designers, the local economy and the planet into the future. Prymal is fully committed to working directly with local artisans, paying them appropriate wages for their hard work and making sure they have safe working conditions.