10 Best Fashion Tips of All Time

Fashion conscious people always check in for other fashion tips from the fashion advisors and pay heavy amounts to them just to have a good fashion or a style statement. People are earning more and more and are making a handsome amount of money and then the same is spent on one’s personal style statement in buying clothes, styles, fashion advices, footwear, etc. In order to maintain a good look instead of becoming a fashion disaster, below is a list of some best fashion tips that not only be saving money but will also make one look good.

Simple Yet Best: A lot of girls use a lot of over dressing elements or garments which sometimes becomes more clumsy or congested. Therefore, these elements should be avoided in the garment. Layers of garments do not make one look stylish but yes simplicity does. The gathers, pleats, different kinds of drape style, etc definitely add up to the look of the garment but over use of same spoil the dress. If these elements are used in a proper style, then they look elegant and beautiful.

Replicas Always Fail: Girls have always been replicating the dresses the garments or dresses that their favourite celebrities wear at shows or award functions. They blindly start following them without understanding the body type or the outer features. Therefore, it does not look good on them and results in fashion disaster. Hence, if the dress is replicated, the body type should also be taken care of.

Wear Heels: Heels really builds up good confidence in girls. With any dress worn the attitude with it comes automatically on the wearer’s face. The heels not only add up height, but also add to the overall look. If a person is not comfortable in carrying heels than she can wear wedges, stilettos, box heals, etc. These options can also add up some inches to the height and can also add elegance in the walk style.

Own Perfection: Being the perfect example of perfectly dressed is owned, it is not made by becoming artificially perfect. Some people look perfect in their own messy style, some of baggy looks, some look perfect in good fit suits. But when the style gets copied, then it loses its perfection which is then artificially owned.

Well Groomed: One should be well groomed with the styles that well suits one personality. Also one should be groomed with his/ her habits in order to look good. Some of the habits include trimmed or clean nails, waxed arms and legs, well combed hair, etc. All these things also matters a lot in making one’s style statement proper.

Your Tailor is Your Best Friend: One’s best friend will always give you good advice until and unless she envies you inside. That friend will always tailor one’s dress till it fits well. That friend can also change the dress completely maybe by playing around with colours or other elements which not suits, because your best friend will always want you to look beautiful.

Power of Colours: Some colours rule the body and always look beautiful. Hence should be taken care of before one buys any garment. Soft colours look good on fat as well as on slim people. Deep and rich colours always look good on well structured figures.

Jazz It Up: In order to add up style, be trendy and wear something jazzy which can be any accessory, but should be teaming up with the worn dress.

Invest In Classics: One should always invest in classics which will always remain in fashion. That is a safe play, as people will not have to fear whether they are going on with the fashion trend or not. Hence, becoming different from the crowd is not always preferred.

Denim- A Statement: The denims are saviours for every figure type. It has become a statement of style for everyone. Its nature of fabric has always proven successful in all kinds of dresses worn by both men and women.

Above mentioned are some of the fashion tips which one can follow to be with the moving trend and can also become fashionable by staying simple yet beautiful.