5 Tips for Styling Your Sweaters

Sweater Style

We all own and love classic sweaters. They are comfortable and warm. Whether you fancy a chunky pullover in a trendy print or you love wearing classically tailored crew neck, a nice sweater is the centre of any winter wardrobe.

How to Style Your Sweater

Stand out among your friends by leveraging these fashion tips for styling your sweaters…

1. Pair your skirt with a bulky sweater

Bulky sweaters can easily conceal your shape. However, when you pair them up with a skirt, you can show off your curves and waist in a perfect way. Attain a professional business look by pairing a sweater with a suede pencil skirt as well as booties. If you want to attain a playful day look, match your sweater with a flared skirt and put on knee-high boots.

2. Wear a stylish neckpiece

A classy necklace adds a sense of style and sophistication to your outfit. Complement your appearance by choosing a neutral colored necklace or emphasize it by putting on a contrasting one. It will take you less than a minute to accomplish this look.

Sweater Layered Over Dress

3. Layer it over your fun dresses and shirts

You can pull up a fashionable look by layering, mixing, and paring outfits that are already in your wardrobe. Select a few of your summer fun dresses for layering under your classic sweaters. If you’re feeling adventurous, now is not the time to bust out that tiger pattern summer dress in the back of your wardrobe. For instance, rocking a lacy dress under thick knitted sweater will give a playful look. For a casual look, put on a cotton body dress under your favorite sweater. Attain a professional look by wearing a long-sleeved collared shirt under a sweater. A green plaid or a classic red bottom up shirt overlaid by a black sweater is ideal for a professional look.

4. Pair it with your favourite ripped denim

You can never go wrong with ripped denim. Pair up bright colored sweater with your preferred denim and put on your sneakers. Enhance your look by a wearing a flawless shade of lipstick.

5. With printed loafers

The stylishly printed loafers, especially in leopard print, can enhance your outfit effortless. Just like the statement necklace, your printed loafers give your outfit a perfect touch, which makes it modern and fashionable.

Use the above tips to style your sweater this winter and be the best fashion guru among your friends. Use your creativity to pair up your sweaters with some of the outfits that you already own. Always wear outfits that make you feel comfortable and stylish.

10 Best Fashion Tips of All Time

Fashion conscious people always check in for other fashion tips from the fashion advisors and pay heavy amounts to them just to have a good fashion or a style statement. People are earning more and more and are making a handsome amount of money and then the same is spent on one’s personal style statement in buying clothes, styles, fashion advices, footwear, etc. In order to maintain a good look instead of becoming a fashion disaster, below is a list of some best fashion tips that not only be saving money but will also make one look good.

Simple Yet Best: A lot of girls use a lot of over dressing elements or garments which sometimes becomes more clumsy or congested. Therefore, these elements should be avoided in the garment. Layers of garments do not make one look stylish but yes simplicity does. The gathers, pleats, different kinds of drape style, etc definitely add up to the look of the garment but over use of same spoil the dress. If these elements are used in a proper style, then they look elegant and beautiful.

Replicas Always Fail: Girls have always been replicating the dresses the garments or dresses that their favourite celebrities wear at shows or award functions. They blindly start following them without understanding the body type or the outer features. Therefore, it does not look good on them and results in fashion disaster. Hence, if the dress is replicated, the body type should also be taken care of.

Wear Heels: Heels really builds up good confidence in girls. With any dress worn the attitude with it comes automatically on the wearer’s face. The heels not only add up height, but also add to the overall look. If a person is not comfortable in carrying heels than she can wear wedges, stilettos, box heals, etc. These options can also add up some inches to the height and can also add elegance in the walk style.

Own Perfection: Being the perfect example of perfectly dressed is owned, it is not made by becoming artificially perfect. Some people look perfect in their own messy style, some of baggy looks, some look perfect in good fit suits. But when the style gets copied, then it loses its perfection which is then artificially owned.

Well Groomed: One should be well groomed with the styles that well suits one personality. Also one should be groomed with his/ her habits in order to look good. Some of the habits include trimmed or clean nails, waxed arms and legs, well combed hair, etc. All these things also matters a lot in making one’s style statement proper.

Your Tailor is Your Best Friend: One’s best friend will always give you good advice until and unless she envies you inside. That friend will always tailor one’s dress till it fits well. That friend can also change the dress completely maybe by playing around with colours or other elements which not suits, because your best friend will always want you to look beautiful.

Power of Colours: Some colours rule the body and always look beautiful. Hence should be taken care of before one buys any garment. Soft colours look good on fat as well as on slim people. Deep and rich colours always look good on well structured figures.

Jazz It Up: In order to add up style, be trendy and wear something jazzy which can be any accessory, but should be teaming up with the worn dress.

Invest In Classics: One should always invest in classics which will always remain in fashion. That is a safe play, as people will not have to fear whether they are going on with the fashion trend or not. Hence, becoming different from the crowd is not always preferred.

Denim- A Statement: The denims are saviours for every figure type. It has become a statement of style for everyone. Its nature of fabric has always proven successful in all kinds of dresses worn by both men and women.

Above mentioned are some of the fashion tips which one can follow to be with the moving trend and can also become fashionable by staying simple yet beautiful.

Men’s Fashion Trends to Look Forward in 2018

Men’s fashion is changing every fashion season. Designers have raised the graph of the men’s dressing in a highly classic style besides the regular Monday blues. A trendy style and a look are given to the suiting for all age groups. The latest collections, fashion fairs are coming up worldwide that is educating people more about fashion. The trousers, the T-shirts, formal shirts, etc used to come in a simple basic style and in some basic colours. But now as per the changing fashion trend, designers are experimenting with colours, and styling elements. Art has really popped up for the coming season in 2018.

Colourful Art: A lot of print styles and colourful art will hover in 2018 in men’s casual shirts. Collar, cuff, pockets, elbow patch styles; etc will be in different colour as compared to the bodice colour. Compositions of birds, vegetable, fruits will all be seen in varied motifs and in varied colour combinations. The colours used will be soft, pastel for spring and dark, rich for fall winter. Therefore lot of colours will be seen in the coming 2018.

Combination of Luxury and Street Wear: These styles will exclusive rule the men’s fashion market. The combination of luxury styling elements in a way casual will change the styling statement of the men’s wear trends in 2018. The styling elements will involve a lot of drape in the yoke, pleats- like an inverted box pleat or knife pleat can be carried in a different style in shirting. These styles will be created for the higher income groups like for millennial. As they have the comfort level or the purchasing power with the wear ability comfort for the execution of these styles. It is just one of the styles that high Italian brands are showcasing in their wider interesting range of the social media and in their visual window display.

Blurring Gender Lines: The styles are now coming that are unisex and can be worn by both male and female. The styles are blurring the gender lines, as men’s fashion is also flourishing in the women’s trend market. Even some of the ladies styles are also getting incorporated in men’s fashion, giving a different look and a different style and further contributing to a new trend. These notable experiments are repeatedly done by the designers. They are sometimes accepted by the people and sometimes the style fades out from the fashion. This high street style is first accepted by the high class and then it is lowered down to the street way. The fit, especially narrow has definitely generated from the ladies trend to men’s trend.

Seamlessly Blended: Seamless garments are another major accepted trend which will flourish the market in 2018, giving a new trendy look to the men’s fashion. Wide shoulder blazers, oversize fleeces, high waist trousers, rugged shirts have broadened the horizon of the men’s fashion. A lot of brands are moving towards tubular knits or circular knits giving a seamless garment. This urban generated style will be very trendy as seen and advised by the fashion forecasters.

Shorts Style is Again Back: Relieving the men’s fashion style big shorts are back in fashion. Lots of comfortable silhouettes are coming back in 2018. It is a pleasant straight forward appealing trend which gives quite a sporty look when worn with ankle length socks and high class sports shoes. Custom tailoring outfits are also offered by a lot of brands in order to create a boutique cum brand outlet and in order to build up a good customer base. They are providing a complete solution to their customer.

Tuck In Shirts: The shirts are very basic in nature, but the designers have really made it very interesting by adding or by subtracting some of the design elements. Long length of shirts is mostly in this 2018, as a good fit and completely stitched shirt gives a very elegant look to the wearer. Then tuck in shirt leaves an executive look.

Lots of trends are emerging in the brand outlets, giving a freedom to the men to choose and select a different style from the routine. The Monday blues will be over and a different trend will be seen forward.

How to Always Look Stylish Fashion Tips & Tricks

You have been seeing a lot of how to look expensive / how to look on trend / how to always look stylish.You don’t need a massive wardrobe of designer clothes to be a great dresser.When it comes to fashion tips, it sometimes seems that everyone has tried-and-true style advice they absolutely swear by. Some are useful, while others, well, not so much.Always organize your clothes going light to dark from left to right in your closet. Your eye will follow the color and thus help you stay organized.

Preparing for an Australian Summer

Every season will always have its unique fashion trend whether summer, autumn, winter or spring. Therefore, you need always to be ready for the seasons and keep up with the fashion trends for each season. When summer strikes in Australia, it will be casual looks all the way. These are the things that should never miss in your wardrobe.

Perfect Beachwear

The city beaches are irresistible in this season and the chances that you will hit the beach at least thrice a week are very high. Therefore, you will need some of the best bikinis or other swimsuits you can get so that you can enjoy the beaches.

Perfect Sandals

Sandals are highly preferred by the female population during the day. Therefore, look for a perfectly fitting pair of sandals, with a great arch support. Also, ensure the design is wonderful. Even so, do not go clubbing with sandals. For an evening out, high heeled shoes will do the magic.

A Hat and a Pair of Sunglasses

You will need a sunhat to keep you protected from the rays of the sun that may be scorching at times. Pairing this up with designer sunglasses will give you the perfect, complete stylish look for an Australian summer.


Shorts are an excellent choice for this warm weather as compared to trousers, especially during the day. You can also invest in quick-dry shorts to hit the beach with. Even when they get wet, they will dry soon after under the hot weather. You can wear them over your swimsuit.

Summer Dresses

Summer dresses are designed to give you maximum comfort under the hot weather. They are not made with heavy fabrics and thus can keep you cool throughout the day. You can wear other kinds of dresses in the evening.

A jacket, Light Hoodie or Cardigan

Australian weather sometimes can be very tricky. During the day, it can be hot but come evening; the rains may strike or wind. The temperatures will go from warm to cold in seconds, and these will help you stay warm.

Tank Tops

Tank tops will go wonderfully with the summer weather. You can wear them to the beach, and in the evening, you can accessorize it, and you will have your perfect look. Throw a leather jacket over the top, put on sexy heels, and a pair of skinny jeans and you are good to go.

These are some fashion tips to prepare for summer in Australia. With these items in your closet, you will not go wrong when summer strikes.

I love talking about sustainable fashion on Fashion Blender. Recently I had a ball bringing that discussion on a boat on Sydney Harbour talking to other influencers and Fashion Revolution AUS/NZ about Sustainable Fashion. Well in an effort to do my bit for the environment I have been busy researching some great sustainable labels to share with you.

I have been interested in buying classic quality pieces for a while. I often buy things that I know will last me a lifetime like my Burberry leather moto jacket. You’ve seen it in a lot of posts like (link). However, I must admit, before the high tea I wasn’t interested in Eco labels because I felt that they didn’t produce pieces that I wanted to wear. You know that age old fallacy? That Eco products are not as cool as others? Do you think the same thing?

I have really sensitive skin so I buy more natural products like sorbelene moisturiser and Alchemy shampoo and conditioner. So why is it that I couldn’t wrap my head around more environmentally friendly fashion? Maybe because I hadn’t discovered enough Eco labels with cool products!

During this week I have discovered that bamboo fabrics use less water than cotton to product AND that being aware and changing a few things about the way we think about our clothes will make a difference. It’s enough for me to start supporting Eco labels and start thinking about my purchases even more – which is great because I really can’t give up my leather shoes or jackets. There is nothing quite like them.

Sustainable Fashion is all about supporting the designers, the local economy and the planet into the future. Prymal is fully committed to working directly with local artisans, paying them appropriate wages for their hard work and making sure they have safe working conditions.

Sandals of Love

Summer goes so well with sandals because sandals give your feet the chance to enjoy the weather, give your feet a great look, and maximum comfort. To get the perfect sandal, these tips will come in handy for you.

1. Always Buy The Right Size Always

How comfortable a shoe will be is directly related as to whether the shoe fits or it does not fit. Therefore, when picking your summer sandals, always try the shoe first. Ensure that there is enough room for your heel at the end of the shoe sandal so that your heel does not hang outside the shoe. Choosing the right size ensures that you do not get an extremely big sandal because your feet will be moving around in the sandal. This will discomfort the feet and strain it. To get a perfect size, have your feet measured at the store first then pick a shoe.

2. Look at The Heel

A good heel will translate to a comfortable heel. The design for sandals is supposed to bring you comfort, make you look good, and feel good. As compared to high heeled shoes, these shoes help your feet relax. Even so, not every heel will be comfortable just because the shoe is a sandal. Let the sandal have a small heel or wedge for great comfort. When the heel is flat on the surface, your feet will be strained same as the Achilles, and the back. The recommended heel should be 0.74 inches for ladies. While looking at the heel, check the cushion to ensure it is also very comfortable; not so tough but should not cage in under your pressure.

3. Get a Shoe With a Great Arch Support

Sandal design always ensures that there is flexibility, comfort, and the shoe has a minimum weight. Because of this, many sandals lack proper arch support, and sometimes it is completely left out, and the shoe is flat like the surface. This is going to strain your feet, and it is unhealthy. As you shop for your summer sandals, always look for the shoe that has a visible and arch. The next step is to try it out to ensure that it offers great comfort and support for your arch.

4. The Design And Designer

If you are going to rock sandals, ensure that you get the best design from the best designers. Whether toe post sandals or otherwise, choose wisely. You can also check whether there are any accessories used on the sandal or not. Make your priority sandals to come from top designers and rarely will you be disappointed.

Now you can be on your merry way to get the best sandals for the summer that will keep you looking stylish and with the bonus of comfort.

So. Yes I am back in Sydney. Back to work in the Fashion Blender office after an amazing holiday in Europe, the French Riviera and the Italian Riviera. All that sun, fresh air and skimpy clothing has gotten me excited about starting my summer wardrobe in preparation for our Australian summer. I am well versed in the pieces that I like; however this year it will be about pushing myself OUT of my comfort zones.

I also must admit that I have a small obsession with Etsy right now. Do you guys use it? I’d love to hear of your experiences. So far mine have only been great ones! I have organised a collaboration with bag company Tana & Hide, I’ve purchased jewellery and a gorgeous real fur bag charm too. All these things feature on my blog and instagram account regularly. I’m also attending the Sydney Etsy Markets on November 28, 2015 too. I am pretty excited about meeting some of the local Etsy creators & sellers. I am always after unique and quality items to inspire me. To inspire my readers.

Let me introduce you to my first pair of unique handmade leather sandals handmade by SandalsOfLove. These beautiful colourful sandals are inspired by Greek culture and Greek Mythology. SandalsOfLove only use genuine, natural materials and all their sandals are hand-crafted. These sandals speak to me of Joy, Love, Freedom, Elegance and Adventure.

I am looking forward to wearing mine this summer because they are bit of fun. They will also be a great way to add colour to any of my summer outfits. I have had a few people ask me already where I got mine from; my SandalsOfLove have TURNED HEADS.

The Perfect Lunchy

Carrying your lunch to work, school and other places is made easier with lunch clutch bags made of leather. These bags are convenient, long lasting, stylish, fancy, elegant, and gorgeous. I am talking about lunch clutch bags like these:

1. Faux Leather Lunch Bag From Hoxis

This is a gorgeous blue clutch bag that is made from Pu leather that is of high quality. It has a shoulder strap that can be removed with a lot of ease. It also features a magnetic snap and a top zipper for closure. It is excellent at its purpose thanks to its high functionality. It is also fashionable.

2. Clutch Lunch Bag by Marie Turnor

This is yet another exquisite lunch clutch bag made of excellent and high-quality leather. The bag features dot prints on it that give it a sophisticated and elegant look. The size is big to accommodate your food. Its black colour is excellent.

3. Tote Choice of Leathers, Leather Lunch Clutch Bag From Laurel Dasso

This lunch clutch bag looks gorgeous and has a perfect brown colour. The bottom part has an extra layer to give it amazing structure. It is perfect for both men and women. It is big and carries a lot of things in it comfortably all days.

4. Lunch Clutch Bag From Adaism

Adaism is known to produce the best leather bags, and this is equally as excellent. Thus lunch clutch bag is gorgeous, simple, sophisticated, and elegant. It is large and can comfortably hold your food without any troubles. The leather is also high quality and thus the reason why the bag stands the test of time.

5. Lunch Clutch Bag By Tana and Hide

This rolled top, high class, lunch clutch bag has a magnetic clasp to secure your lunch inside it. It has been made using high quality, extremely soft lambskin and this gives it durability. It is a bag that has been featured in a lot of magazines because of its fashionable style and excellence. Being a handmade lunch clutch bag, you can add a touch of your style when ordering it.

6. Lunch Bag, Claude Menthol

This lunch clutch bag is made of genuine leather from Italy. It is extremely soft to the touch and long-lasting. It is one of the gorgeous A-Rada leather bags. It has one compartment but big enough for your storage needs. It is mint coloured, gorgeous, and stylish.

With these bags, you no longer have to worry about getting a new lunch paper bag day in day out, and they will also make you look stylish while at it.

Welcome to my next Fashion Collaboration – it’s with Melbourne based Tana & Hide and their lovely Lunch Bag Leather Clutch. I had mine custom made.

Tana & Hide is the brainchild of Georgia and was created from two ideas. One was to be able to do something for the street children who spend hours selling things to tourists in Bali, Indonesia. These children don’t attend school in order to help their families survive. Georgia had been drawing bags and ideas for leathergoods which she longed to bring to fruition. She then had the fantastic idea of merging the two ideas together, making beautiful designer leather bags in Indonesia where she could support families and children. Some Tana & Hide bags are hand made by Georgia and others are made by masterful leather craftsmen in Bali.

Tana & Hide has developed relationships with tailors that have small businesses. These businesses train and provide excellent facilities for their employees and take on apprenticeships with young Balinese workers interested in learning the art of leathercraft.

Tana & Hide have over 100 coloured leathers to choose from, so it was easy to pick the style of bag I wanted and the colour I was after. I finally have a white bag to wear with my Burberry booties that I love to much.

How to Iron Pleats Please

Ironing pleats is not easy for a lot of people. When ironing pants with pleats, there is a specific way to go about so that you can end up with a perfectly ironed trouser with pleats in place. To iron your pleated pants like a pro, follow my steps and you will be proud of your work. The Fashion Blender team suffered through the heatwave to iron plenty of items to write this guide!

Gather All The Necessary Items

Plan for your ironing. You should have an ironing board, iron, and a bottle of starch. The starch will help you get a perfect finish. When you get everything ready and in the same place, connect the iron box to the source of power and regulate the heat so that you do not burn the trouser. Typically, every fabric has a recommended amount of heat. Check your pants material and adjust accordingly.

Turn The Pant Inside Out

Turning the trouser inside out gives you the chance to iron the pockets with a lot of ease. Position the trouser on the board with the back pockets facing upward. Iron the back pockets and then flip the trouser to iron the front pockets. Ironing the pockets eliminates the formation of any wrinkles.

Turn The Pant So That The Right Side is Out

Having ironing the pockets, lift the trouser from the board and turn it to its original side. You can then spray some starch on the pant so that you can get a perfect finish and the pleats to hold for longer. In case you do not want t use starch on the outside, you can spray the starch before turning it right side out. With the hot iron box, press on the trouser all the way to the waistband and around it.

Locating The Pleats And Ironing Them

To locate the pleats, identify the starting point and pinch it. You can then tag on the leg of the pant gently so that the pleat can appear clearly. If the pleat is proving to be stubborn, you can pin it using some pins.

Having located the pleat and where it ends, press against it with the iron box from top to bottom. Take note that the bottom is where the pleat ends. Trouser pleats are very brief. Therefore, be careful not to force them to extend past their length.

After ironing the pleats, you can go ahead and complete ironing the whole trouser then hang it up. It is an easy and simple process that you cannot get wrong.

Tips and Tricks to Help You Iron Your Pleated Skirt

Now that I have a few pleated skirts I did some research on the best way to iron pleats. I’ve been experimenting so I thought I might share some of my tips with you.

The best way to iron a pleated skirt, for example, is on an ironing board. This is because you can put the skirt over the board length ways and rotate the skirt around, ironing as you go. You will easily be able to see the end of your job this way. My next tip is using paper clips to hold your pleats in place.


First fill your iron with water so you can iron with steam. Make sure you look at the care tag on your pleated skirt and set the iron to the setting most appropriate for the fabric it is made from. If you are worried about ironing an item, my rule of thumb is to start with a clean cloth over the item first. If that is not removing the wrinkles increase the heat WITHOUT removing the protective cloth. Remember safety first.

Put your skirt waist band over the ironing board and press that first. Then put the body of the skirt over the board so that the pleats run parallel to the board edge. Gather the fabric at the bottom of the skirt so that you can lay the pleats flat and together from top to bottom. Use paper clips to secure the pleats at the bottom of the skirt so that they all lay flat. Make sure there are no tucks and creases. It’s best to only secure an iron width amount of pleats at a time and then iron those. You can then rotate the skirt over the board and start the process again.

When ironing the pleats, start from the waist band and iron down to the bottom of the skirt. Another tip is to work from the inside of the pleat to the outside. Remember to set the pleats with a shot of steam. Press the pleats carefully with a lower-and-lift motion, hitting the steam button just before you make contact with the skirt. Don’t drag the iron on the fabric because you could stretch your skirt.

Once you have finished hang your skirt up straight away. The above process can be modified for other pleated items because the general idea to flatten and arrange the pleats is universal.

POL Clothing – Unconventional Basics

POL clothing is a wholesale clothing company that sells fashionable women outfits. Its inception was in the year 2009, and ever since, it has grown so large, and it keeps growing by the day. The company sells a lot of feminine clothes and accessories and has its headquarters in Los Angeles. POL Clothing was started by Australian designer Sam Jones. The brand focuses on the wearer – the women Sam designs for. The concept behind the brand is simple. Women aren’t really that complicated. They are sophisticated, contemporary and like no-nonsense clothes – however they love to be relevant and on-point. Whilst the fabrics are sourced from all over the world, the brand still remains focused on supporting local industry, with many garments still made in Australia. This is certainly a brand we can all get behind.

Target Audience

This company has its target on the modern woman who is not afraid of style. It is for the young woman ready to explore the fashion industry with the freedom that is devoid of fear. The clothes and accessories fit women with different personalities and styles.

The Clothing

The company offers a wide range of clothing, and they include:

Sweaters and Tops: you will get a large variety of casual and official stylish and modern sweaters and tops. They are made from different materials and prints to accommodate everyone. You will get tank tops, hoodies, cardigans, body doll tops, and so much more.

Dresses and Bottoms: there are tons of cute dresses whether short, long, flare, fitting, free or otherwise. Their neck designs also vary. You will also get stylish skirts, pants, and shorts that come in all types of fabrics and designs.

Outers: there are so many fur jackets, coats, and more. They come in amazing designs, colors, and fabrics.

Denim: a store is never complete without denim. This company has numerous denim skirts, dresses, outers, trousers, and more.


A woman is never fully dressed without her accessories whether bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, scarves, hats, and so on. This company offers the best of all these accessories. You can get traditional accessories, modern, or temporary accessories anytime you want it. Hats and scarves come in different kinds of fabrics while the other accessories come in all kinds of material whether gold, diamond, silver, and so on.


The company also sells beautiful handbags that are stylish. You can get clutches, cross body bag, totes backpacks, and more. The common materials include leather, suede, and faux.


Using their website for shopping is very easy and very convenient for anyone. The deliveries are also very convenient and reliable as they use UPS. Their payment methods include MasterCard, Discovery cards, American Express, and COD money Orders. Which are all convenient. Navigating the site is also easy for beginners.

Pol Rewards

POL also offers their clients (wholesale buyers) rewards basing on the points they have. A dollar will typically earn one a single point. Therefore, if you have between 1000 and 5000 points, you will get 2% discount while if it is between 5000 and 20,000 points, you will get 3% off. Anything above that earns you 4% off.

Welcome to my next Collaboration outfit post featuring POL Clothing – an Australian brand that I saw at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia. I loved their pieces the minute I saw them on the runway. This will be the first of a few posts – I am excited to announce my ongoing relationship with the brand. Which is fantastic because I love wearing their comfortable UNCONVENTIONAL basics.

POL Clothing is quite special because they design practical quality basics that elevate everyday style. Their pieces are bold, accessible and comfortable – plus they are also made from premium fibres. Many of the pieces are made from natural fabrics such as silk, cotton and linen.

Keeping in the basics theme I have styled my POL Clothing Spring 2015 Horizon Midi Skirt with a plain classic white tee, black moto leather jacket and Céline calf-hair sneakers for a bit more colour. You’ve probably seen all these items before in outfit posts. This another one of the reasons why I love POL Clothing pieces – they fit seamlessly into any wardrobe like they were just meant to be there the whole time. This POL Clothing Spring 2015 Horizon Midi Skirt is the perfect length, it’s made from high quality rayon crepe so it bounces back into shape. VERY practical if you ask me. POL Clothing Spring 2015 will be available soon.

Do It Yourself! London Collections: Men Street Style

It’s impressive to see how men are excited to participate in fashion trends. Looking at London, men have taken to the streets with some of the best looks that have been creatively and thoughtfully put together to get perfection and trend. Some of the best men’s street styles in London include:

Jackets: there have been all kinds of jackets spotted on the streets of London in as much as it is not extremely cold. The jacket has been used to make a statement and to style up the look. As long as it fits perfectly and is cute, you will see it on the streets.

Leather Biker Jackets: these are different from other jackets, and they are fancier. We all know how cool we assume bikers to be. This jacket will make you look just as cool and gives you that perfect rock n’ roll look. It is a look that a lot of people have adopted, and some have used it to in layering which made it more impressive. Put this jacket on with a stylish pair of shoes and exquisite sunglasses, and you will look like a winner.

T-shirts and a Pair of Jeans: this is a simple and classic look, and we can be sure that this look will is here to stay. Skinny jeans are the prominent jeans style noted while observing the men’s street style. It is fast and easy to pair up these two and to accentuate the look; you can throw in a stylish pair of shoes, a fancy jacket or coat. Alternatively, you can throw in a bit of color by tying a checked colored shirt on your waist.

The Official Casual Look: this is yet another style that has been observed in men’s street style in London. Pairing a nice shirt, a gorgeous tie, and a statement coat with a great pair of jeans seems to work perfectly for a lot of people. It brings out the feeling that you mean business, but you are in touch with your fun side.

Joggers:  Joggers have been seen a lot more on the streets than ever before after featuring on the runway because of top brands like Burberry. Pairing an excellent pair of joggers with a t-shirt, jacket and a pair of trainers will look great on anyone.

These are some of the dominant styles in Men’s street style in London. You can join the masses and lose yourself in the excitement of trying these styles.

Well as many of you already know, the London Collections: Men have kicked off in London. I am sure it is slightly warmer than when I was there for London Fashion Week; sadly I can’t be there for the Menswear shows. Although I would have loved to have gone.

To tie in with my Menswear themed posts for this period – I thought I would put together a Do It Yourself! Outfit based around the street style coming out of London.

There is an obvious trend towards luxe sports wear with a focus on statement pieces. I love the pizza clutch along with the neoprene light blue statement face jumper in photo two. I’ve sneaked a photo of Australian blogger Nicole Warne of Garry Pepper Girl in here too since I love her style. PLUS she’s wearing a pants suit with a texture that will tie nicely with my next outfit post – so stick around for that!

As you can see black is still the go to colour/shade this season on the streets for men. Statement sneakers are still a must too. White soles get photographed well and I love the pair that you can see in photo five too. The gentleman in photo three is wearing a black ensemble punctuated by colour from his hero statement accessories. This is the basis for my Do It Yourself! Outfits.

So we come to the main point of this article. The practicality of actually wearing these clothes/suggestions as a regular guy. I believe this is an outfit best suited for men to wear every day. Plus the beanie will come in handy in Australia right now! Feel free to lose the statement pieces in my Do It Yourself! Outfit suggestion. This will mean you can wear it all day anywhere you feel like.